When our adventurers converge on the town of Loudwater, they are thrust together with the task of stopping an incursion of strange, blue-skinned goblins. Thus begins an adventure that takes them throughout the Sword Coast and nearby areas, eventually with the goal of preventing the resurrection of a demigod by a cult of Bane. Thus begins Kombat Advantage.

Kombat Advantage


So much of the wiki is taken from Dragon and Dungeon Magazine articles, as well as the Forgotten Realms Wiki. I don’t link to these because of how heavily modified this world is, and because I want to avoid spoilers for my players, but I appreciate them both so much and couldn’t have assembled this information without them.

The pictures are all random images from google image searches. Except for the one above, which is an example of the fine artwork of one of my players. Apart from that one, I don’t have the rights to any of them, but I intend them to be for private use. They’re just used to give my players some idea of a place or character. Sometimes I crop them or use the head from one and the body from another, or make other kinds of changes. Recently I found one of a chick with spikes all over her back and arms wielding a huge gun, so I deleted the spikes and the gun. All of this is done in mspaint, because I’m ghetto like that.

Plots are mostly modifications of published adventures, along with some books and movies and inside jokes.

If anyone is going to sue me for any of this, they should know that I’m a lawyer. And I fight dirty.

The Resurrection

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