The Resurrection

Stormcrow Tor, Part I

After defeating Avonathemon, the heroes scour the room for more clues about what he was up to. They find a journal that indicated that he was, as they suspected, a follower of Bane and not the Raven Queen as he had claimed. They also learned that his proposed sacrifices were part of a scrying ritual, intended to discover the location of an artifact that he believed could be used to restore the demigod Karsus to full power and help in his fight.

The journal mentioned that he had sent a star chart with the results of the most recent scrying, which had narrowed down the location considerably, with a courier party recently but had not heard back from them. The heroes recalled that they had defeated a small ambush at the abandoned school house whom they now remembered, thanks to the DM’s retcon, were dressed as followers of the Raven Queen.

The actual priest of the temple, Ren Deepmace, comes in and, in the typical Scottish brogue common to all dwarves in fantasy settings, thanks them for their help and offers them a place to stay for the night and any further assistance. He sets them up on a tour of the mines and gets them free ale at his favorite pub, as well as the services of the finest dwarven whores in Faerun.

The next day, they hit the road and investigate the school house further. They notice a bulge in the stomach of one of the slain cultists, and cut him open to reveal a small scroll casing. Inside, they find the star chart that Avonathemon wrote about. None are able to read it with any degree of accuracy, so they decide to seek out an astronomer when possible.

They also stop back by the village of Harmona, where the inhabitants are putting their lives back together after the curse was lifted. They don’t have anything to offer, but they appreciate not being zombies anymore.

Back in Luskan, Governess Neelani is back in the saddle, but riddled with guilt for her lack of good judgment in appointing and trusting Avonathemon. Melthos assuages much of this with a heartfelt speech about her leadership and willingness to change and accept counsel. Oliver has since been appointed head of the guard, and Ren Deepmace, the dwarven priest of Mirabar, has sent one of his acolytes to act as an advisor until a replacement is found.

Oliver sends a letter to his brother explaining the situation, noting that he didn’t want to report until he had good news. The party then boards a trade ship to return to Daggerford and report on their progress with the Mayor. He rewards them as promised and tells them he’s heard there’s an observatory in Loudwater, but it’s at Lady Moonfire’s manor and she clearly isn’t the one using it, as she wouldn’t know which end of a telescope to look into. Still, he suggests they give it a try and see if they can find out who actually uses the observatory.

Upon their return to Loudwater,

To be continued.



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