Dwarf Rogue


Beef was born with the name Odin Oathender, and was raised in Eartheart, the capital city of East Rift. His father disappeared when Beef was a small child and is assumed dead. He was attempting to lead a large expedition into the Underdark. His mother raised him, and always spoke of his father with fondness and sorrow. She still lives in their family home in Eartheart.

Beef likes few things, but chief among them:

This leads to regular barroom brawls and drunken knife fights. Beef is willing to fight with anyone, one-on-one or against multiple targets, and isn’t afraid to start a fight if he deems it necessary to enforce a greater good. He will often intervene if he sees someone being picked on or taken advantage of. It was in this manner that he picked up the moniker of Beef for his ability to take a severe beating and remain upright and ready for more. Beef’s honor would not let him enter a fight if he felt that he had an unfair advantage, so he will often suggest that someone get the aid of another combatant before they begin.

Beef is a very trusting and friendly dwarf, especially when compared to other gold dwarves, but does not take dishonesty or betrayal lightly. He often sticks steadfastly to old grudges. For a period of time, Beef began to strongly speak against the long held manner of other gold dwarves to distrust in other races, and against the negative way they treat those that offer aid and companionship. His stance on this was openly mocked by many, who continued to say such things hypocritically even after the gold dwarves were left with no other choice but to allow foreign aid.

It was this conflict with many of his own kind that led to his last brawl in Eartheart. A dwarf named Do Erbek, whom Beef had once considered his friend, had one too many mugs of ale and started berating Beef, saying he was a constant source of embarrassment, and that his disloyalty to his own people was something Do was sick of tolerating. Beef was hurt and consumed by indignation at this accusation of disloyalty, when his views were based on wanting only what was best for his people. He flew at his former friend, his rage fueling a quick victory. Do gave up and pleaded for mercy. When Beef turned to walk away, Do sprang at him, flinging his arms around Beef’s head and gouging at one of his eyes.

Beef awoke three days later. He received medical treatment in time to save his life, but not his left eye. The shame of the injury, and the betrayal by his friend, caused Beef to swear off Eartheart, and East Rift entirely, and to state, for the record, that it would take something “huge” to ever get him to return. He left a note for his mother, because he knew he would never be able to leave her if he had to do it in person, and packed a small sack to find a new place in the world.


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