Garwan is a spry, sandy blonde gnome who owns a curiosity shop in the town of Loudwater. He is happy to let customers browse while he sits at the counter puffing on a prodigious pipe. If asked about a particular item, he remains where he is and points it out from among the clutter. If he doesn’t have the item, he shakes his head sadly. If asked about an item’s origin, he tells the inquirer who sold him the piece and any story behind it.


A sign bearing the image of a unicorn horn, an hourglass, and the words “Garwan’s Curiosities” hangs at the front of this store across from the Green Tankard in Loudwater. Windows provide a view of bizarre items, including a shrunken head, candy wrapped in colorful leaves, playing cards, smoking accessories, fancifully decorated tankards, and more.

Locals visit Garwan’s to find interesting gifts or to sell off junk in which Garwan sees value. Strange items lie tucked away in the dusty nooks of this shop, though few pieces are of any real value. However, sometimes rare items pass through Garwan’s, and a lucky customer comes away with a valuable treasure. Thus, a stop at Garwan’s Curiosities remains a favorite diversion among locals, especially Loudwater’s youth.

Garwan has a son named Zark. Sometimes Zark hangs around his uncle’s shop, but the young gnome rarely does any work.

If you’re looking for something outlandish, Garwan’s is the best place to find it. If the item is not particularly rare or valuable, the character should find it for sale at a reasonable price.


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