Marsh Laval


This loud, talkative halfling is the proprietor of the Green Tankard, the most popular tavern and inn in Loudwater. He enjoys sitting back to tell a long story, even to the exclusion of other patrons who are waiting for his service. If asked about anyone in town, Marsh indicates that person’s location in the tavern if he or she is present or gives the time of day that the person will likely turn up.


A sign with a green-painted tankard of ale proclaims the nature of this establishment. The tavern’s large common room holds a gregarious group that includes townspeople, riverboat folk, merchants, farmers, and one or two individuals wearing the badges of the Loudwater Patrol.

Called simply “the Tankard” by Loudwater locals, this roomy inn and tavern serves as the public house for the southern portion of Loudwater. The Tankard offers beer, spirits, and a variety of expensive wines. Meals are available throughout the day, and rooms can be rented for overnight stays. Regulars and travelers alike gather

Marsh does his best to make sure his customers are comfortable, sometimes to the detriment of the customer’s privacy. On the flip side, he knows everything going on in Loudwater and isn’t shy about answering questions, especially for valuable patrons.

Marsh Laval

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