Pel's spirit companion


Posket is in ur lair, stealin ur fancis.


Posket is a cosmic sugar glider familiar that Pel picked up during his month-long spirit quest. He live in Pel’s dreadlocks and keeps lots of veri important fancis there, like feathers and a dragon bone and a piece of leather and lots of pretty cloth. Some of these he weaves into Pel’s dreadlocks, and some he stashes in the special rift of holding that he has for secreting away only what he considers his most veri fancis. Said rift, which is only available for Posket’s fancis, yes, is also in Pel’s dreadlocks. Like any good wayfaring dreadlocked sorcerer, they are an ecosystem. But Posket is very meticulous and has a penchant for essential oils as well as shiny beads, so less stinky and better decorated an ecosystem than you might assume.

Posket has the unfortunate habit of speaking in lolspeak when he is excited, and he is always excited. He seems to have forged particularly strong bonds with other party members, noticeably Immeral and Beef, who may or may not hate sugar gliders.


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