The proprietor of Loudwater’s knife shop is Deanna Starr, though most people just call her “Starra.” Folks say that Starra hails from Tethyr, but they know little else about her. She seems to have a foul memory attached to her homeland, which she won’t reveal.


This dimly lit shop smells of oil and steel. The southern wall has a large display containing hundreds of different knives and daggers.

No other place in Loudwater offers a better selection of knives, daggers, and other small bladed weapons. Many of the blades on display have accompanying names and stories, though the veracity of these embellishments is doubtful.

Starra prefers to talk about knives—how they’re made, how they feel, and the advantages of one blade over another. In addition to mundane blades, Starra carries a few magic weapons.


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