Guard Captain Oliver

Advisor and consort to Governess Neelani of Luskan


Oliver hails originally from Daggerford, where he grew up and joined the city watch. He is very close with his brother, Mayor Grimace of Daggerford. After his brother’s election as mayor, Oliver believed that to remain in the city’s employ there might create a conflict of interest. He has heard that there was a new leader who had emerged in the troubled city of Luskan, and that she had grand ideas to reform the city and help its people. Oliver wanted to be a part of that transformation, so he headed north and was welcomed into the city watch there (they needed all the help they could get). He moved up the ranks quickly, having some knowledge of politics and military strategy in addition to his undeniable physical strength. He eventually became a palace guard and then a friend and advisor to Governess Neelani.

After the discovery that the former Vizier, Avonathemon, was not a follower of the Raven Queen but a priest of Bane hell-bent on choas and destruction (and, of course, his subsequent death at the hands of Kombat Advantage), Oliver was promoted to head of the city guard and now holds a place in the palace as the second in command and the governess’s most trusted advisor. Also, they’re totally doing it.

Guard Captain Oliver

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