BaneStrength Through Discipline, Order Through Strength, Peace Through Order.

Called the Black Hand and the Iron General, Bane stands as the god of war and conquest. Bahamut fights for justice, Kord as a show of strength, Gruumsh for love of carnage, but Bane fights with the world as his prize.. Preffering to plot and scheme, Bane rarely appears to act in a direct manner. His ultimate goal is to eventually control all of Faerûn. When summoned though, he has a dark, rather shadowy appearance with a resemblance of dark armor and his tell-tale jeweled dark gauntlet. He emanates an aura of vast power and cruel intelligence.


Worshipers of Bane seek power in nearly every station of life, with the aim of one day turning it over to the Black Lord. Clerics of Bane pray for their spells at midnight.

His clerics can be recognized by the black-enameled gauntlet put on one fist. They are able to enact spells against undead, such as a flare of greenish phosphorescence searing smaller undead or an even fiercer radiance searing ghouls and phantoms.

Symbols of Bane

Bane’s most widely recognized symbol is also the most confusing to theologians. Bane has no particular link to dragons, so how did the three-taloned claw come to be associated with him, let alone become his most ubiquitous emblem?

Centuries ago, Bane’s greatest symbol was an abstract shape representing the narrow open visor of a helmet. As that style of helm faded from use and the meaning of the symbol was largely forgotten, new generations of worshipers attempted to explain the peculiar shape. Uncertain what the descending contours were meant to suggest, they interpreted them as the digits of a great claw.

In addition to the draconic claw, various temples of Bane make use of the original “abstract helm” design or a gauntleted fist as their holy icons.

Omens and Signs

The gods rarely commune directly with mortals, but they do guide them, couching their desires and their displeasure in strange dreams and peculiar portents. The following are just a few forms that Bane’s omens might take.

If Bane wishes a follower to go to battle against a particular foe, he frequently sends dreams of that enemy attacking and defeating the dreamer in battle.

Omens of Bane’s displeasure include the following:

✦ Weapons rust and tarnish regardless of how much care is lavished upon them.
✦ Long-healed wounds ache.
✦ The worshiper grows clumsy and drops weapons during practice.
✦ Warhorses, hounds, and other beasts of battle snarl at, and refuse to cooperate with, the individual.

Omens of Bane’s approval include the following:

✦ Old weapons suddenly appear new.
✦ One of Bane’s symbols appears in spilled blood, broken glass, or the like.
✦ The enemy abruptly shows fear, hesitation, and low morale.
✦ Warhorses and other beasts of war become suddenly and abnormally cooperative.
✦ Someone who boasts a black right hand or gauntlet—either in real life or in dreams—appears to offer advice.


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