Elkridge is a pleasant, peaceful valley, home to a community of farmers and artisans unaccustomed to the ways of violence.

It lies in Luruar to the south of the Evermoor Way. It is near a swamp at the edge of the High Forest.

It was previously ruled by Arlen Felstorm, but has been in some disarray following his murder. His widow, Vlayn, serves as the healer and de factor leader, and has hired a bandit gang led by her daughter, Skarn, to protect the town. This solution is somewhat ineffectual, and the situation appears to be coming to a crossroads.

As a Warlord, Arlen Felstorm was a devote of Kord, storm god and the lord of battle. The town continues to revere Kord, probably due to the striking bronze monument Arlen had built on a nearby cliff, though Elkridge does not have a proper temple.


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