Kombat Advantage

Kombat Advantage Business CardKombat Advantage is made up of five daring adventurers.

Pel, a slightly tipsy sorcerer bard with an appetite for chaos and a sugar glider named Posket.

Beef, a lovable dwarf rogue with a dark past and one eye, whose misanthropy would be frightening if it weren’t so endearing.

Gord, a goliath barbarian warlord who is mild mannered until you get him in the heat of battle. He likes to smash things, and does it well.

Melthos, a monk cleric with a penchant for acrobatics and inspiring speeches.

Immeral, an eladrin psion who enjoys nudity and seems oblivious to his true calling as a cajun chef.

There is also one former member, Yaffa, who decided to take a break from the adventuring life to hone her alchemical skills in Waterdeep.

Kombat Advantage Group PhotoFor their own various reasons, they all ended up in Loudwater seeking adventure, and bonded through the adversity of a devastating goblin incursion. Once they had demonstrated their respective proficiencies (or, in Gord’s case, just his imposing physical nature), the leaders of the town were quick to solicit their services. While they discovered the cause of the goblin attacks and the related weather issues, they also stumbled onto something much more sinister.

An evolving account of their adventures can be found in the adventure log.

Kombat Advantage

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