The Resurrection

White Lotus Academy, Part II

After the encounter, the adventurers are seen to by the school’s medical staff, and take a brief respite, while attempting to forget the horrible plant assault that just occurred in the school’s arboretum. A student informed the teams that Instructor Tevors was at Headmaster’s Hall and once recuperated, they head there immediately.

In the cramped administration building, a narrow hall led back and around a corner, and a narrow Spellweaverflight of stairs led up. Directly to the left is a reception desk, and the student sitting there smiled as the group approached. “You must be Pel and company,” she said. “How can I help you?” and then immediately responded that, “Instructor Tevors is meeting with Headmaster Marovic at the Headmaster’s Residence. You could probably meet him there if you want to talk to him.”

When they reach the gate to the Headmaster’s Residence, they discovered something is wrong. Through the wrought-iron fence, the team sees a person in a heavy sky-blue robe standing over Headmaster Marovic, do something in an odd, bothersome manner. Once closer, the group could see what bothered them about it. Six thin, blue-skinned arms emerge from beneath the robe, two of which are tracing patterns in the air toward Marovic, and the creature’s head looked completely alien. It turns toward the group, and they know immediately it was malevolent and dangerous and soon to be dead if they had anything to say about it. WHICH THEY DID.

They immediately drew weapons and began the fight to save the White Lotus Academy and the life of Headmaster Marovic. The Spellweaver immediately moved, and in a motion, banished Beef into an exitless, entirely mirrored room. The next few harried minutes were spent shunting various melee attackers into this particular room, while fending off psionic attacks from Immeral, keeping them at bay while he focused his strongest attacks on Pel, looking to capture his arcane essence. Eventually, the amount of focus required to simultaneously deal with five strong-willed attackers takes it’s toll and the spellweaver falls to the sharp blades, strong fists, and agile minds of Kombat Advantage.

After defeating the Spellweaver, Headmaster Marovic stood under his own power, if barely. He was more cogent than he was when they first met, an event Marovic barely remembers, because he Keg Partywas using most of his energy to protect the academy and its students from the spell weaver’s hidden efforts to steal their arcane power.

The headmaster was suitably grateful. He honored the deal the party made with Ibok for their services, no longer tied to what surely would have been a illuminating lecture on butterflies, and threws in some extra treasures from the school vault. All members are named friends of the school and a raucous frat party ensues at the Phi Lamba Magi house where kegs of mead are rolled in and enjoyed by all. This helped make up for the disappointing news from school stablehand, who informed the party that they actually did not have fanci animal amounts, but actually just horses enchanted to look like fantastical steeds of legend. To Beef’s disappointment however, Noodles actually WAS a glittery pink pony. The stablehand offered the opportunity to keep the enchantment on, if they preferred it, which Pel immediately agreed to, but the rest of the party politely declined.

Pel had long been perturbed to find out only after leaving the academy of his natural gifts, believing the whole time that his powers came from books and spells. After a few kegstands, he finally gets the courage to ask Instructor Ibok what happened. “Dear Pel. I am sympathetic, but there are certain things one must learn on his own. Just as I felt that any direction I gave after summoning you here to the Academy might hinder the apprehension of the party responsible for the mischief, so did I feel, when you were under my tutelage, that any explicit instruction on your natural abilities would only obfuscate their source and magnitude.” Ibok invites Pel to stay behind, now that he’s found more of himself through his travels, and study a bit more to see if he can refine his gifts. Pel accepts, and promises to rejoin the others back in Waterdeep.

The rest of the party traveled back towards Waterdeep to pick up where they left off. On the way there, they happened to encounter a werewolf, with two hyenas and an evil festering rotted Evil Dwarfdwarf. They put up a suprisingly difficult and often vile fight, with the dwarf oozing acidic blood and causing painful welts in addition to the biting and awful laughing that all hyenas will participate in if you give the chance. The werewolf, at one point, changed shape into a crying little girl (assumedly the girl it was before being bitten by a lycanthrope), attempting to fool the group into holding back attacking it. Beef and Melthos were momentarily startled, but it just made Gord more angry (Gord is possibly allergic to crying children) and he delivered a fierce, cutting blow with his greataxe that would have rendered the girl in two if it hadn’t been a dastardly dirty ploy. While this made the werewolf twice as angry, it didn’t help him survive the encounter.



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